Updated 5/8/2013


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Ammolite Rough

Ammolite rough Parcel -1

Ammolite in my opinion is the next best thing to opal. This ammolite rough has nice bright flashy colors including red, greens, yellows, oranges, and blues. This ammolite rough has been prepared cut thin and flat ready to be capped and cabbed to the shape you want. This rough comes from Canada and is not real easy to get hold of and usually fairly expensive when you can find it. The popularity of this material used in jewelry seems to be increasing as more people like you are discovering the beauty of its neon metallic looking color flashes. This material is much better than the picture looks

This small parcel is all I have of this material, and don’t expect to have any more anytime soon. The price of this rough 5.4cts parcel is $10.80