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Neon blue apatite faceted gemstone

Approx. 1.35cts

Apa-1 $11.19  This stone is reserved!

Neon Blue Apatite - This is another fine custom cut stone. It is of my own design and will make an excellent ring or pendant stone. It is a very flashy stone with very good scintillation. a stone that is sure to please. This stone is very slightly included with very small black specks. I was about to call it loupe clean but noticed the black specks in the loupe and then with effort was able to see one of them with the eye. As you can see in the picture the inclusions are not visible but with stone in hand and upside down you will see one at the girdle. The stone measures approximately. 5.87mm x 5.07mm deep, and weighs approximately. 1.35cts.

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