Updated 7/9/2012


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Axinite Rough

axinite facet rough

   This is one of my favorites to cut, but is hard to find in any size for faceting. The crystals are shaped like ax blades and is where it gets it’s name from. I have managed to purchase a parcel of this material that contains cabbing rough and low to high grade facet rough. The stones usually are cab grade at the base and a facet grade at the top of the crystals. In some ways this rough is like andalucite in that it is a trichroic stone. It appears to be clear to deep amethyst in one direction, deep peach to blood red almost brown in the second direction to a yellow olive green in the last. It is a simple stone to cut with no complications that I have ever experienced. cut stones sell for between $100- $200 per carat for eye clean to $20-$40 per carat for heavily included stones. This is the first parcel i have been able to purchase in over 2 years and may be the last i will be able to buy for several more years. I have had many requests for this rough and can now fill some of those requests. There is approximately 1,925cts available.

   Nearly every crystal has a mix of facet and cab grade. On average I would expect out of a 100ct blind pour there would be approximately 10ct to 20cts of facet grade material ranging in size sub carat to several  carats after being sawn out of the crystals. This rough is selling for $0.30 per carat. Or$0.25 per carat if you buy 500+cts or the last of this rough when you place your order.