Updated 7/17/10


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Clinohumite Faceting Rough

Clinohumite facet rough

  Clinohumite facet rough is very hard to come by. I have been trying for years to acquire some of this material for the web site. Finally I had a decent parcel put in front of me so I couldn’t refuse. Most stones will have at least a little inclusion and seems to be typical of this material when of a facetable size. Cut stones can sell for up to and possibly over $300.00 per carat. I have 3 parcels available selling for $25.00 per carat. You’ll cut some very rare, attractive and valuable stones from all of these parcels.


Parcel #1 = 6 stones weighing a total of 9.2+cts. The smallest stone is approximately   1.4cts and the largest is 1.75+cts. with the average stone weighs about 1.53cts. There will be opportunities for vs to eye clean cut stones in this parcel. The price of this parcel is just $230.00


Parcel #2 = 4 stones weighing a total of 8.5cts. The smallest stone is approximately    1.45cts and the largest stone is approximately 3.35cts. The average stone in this parcel is about 2.12+cts. There should be some awesome si to eye clean stones cut from this parcel. The price of this parcel is just $212.50


Parcel #3 = 4 stones weighing a total of 10.25cts. The smallest stone is approximately 0.85cts and the largest is approximately 5.75cts. the average size of the stones in this parcel is over 2.56cts. Ido not believe any of these stones will cut eye clean but will still cut some fantastic gems. The price of this parcel is just $256.25