Updated 2/9/2013


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Clinohumite Specimens

  Clinohumite is a somewhat recent find in Koksha valley Afghanistan. A very closely related mineral to chondrodite, another humite. We have found several nice specimens to help fill your collection.

clinohumite mineral specimen 1

  This is a nice little clinohumite specimen. The back side has a few smaller lesser crystals , and then you have your nicer crystal in front. This specimen has good visual appeal and measures approximately 23mm x 30mm x 18mm The price of the piece is $19.49

clinohumite mineral specimen 2

   This is another nice little clinohumite mineral specimen. It measures approximately 21mm x 25mm x 22mm . The price of this specimen is $19.49

clinohumite mineral specimen 3

   This specimen has several nicely shaped clinohumite crystals. It measures approximately 14mm x 31mm x 23mm. This specimen is selling for $24.99