Updated 7/15/2012


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Kunzite Facet Rough


   This is the purple or pink version of spodumene. This material Can be a tricky stone to cut due to a prefect cleavage. If your up to the challenge don’t hesitate to buy some of this material. Much of this material has some pretty good color running from faint pink to a good pink to violet, and even some blues. These stones, if cut properly, will amaze you with great dispersion. So if looking for a new challenge with a good looking and flashy finished stone try some kunzite, you might be glad you did. The sizes of this rough is running between 15.25 cts and 290+cts

Grade A-1 = $0.80 per carat. This rough is mostly clean with some minor inclusions. Many if not all inclusions should facet out with little or no loss of yield. These stones will cut eye clean to slightly included stones

Grade A-2 = $0.40 per carat. This grade of rough will have large areas of clean material that will need to be cut out for clean stones, or will cut slightly included to included stones as is.