Updated 7/23/2012


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Mexican Bytownite

Mexican Bytownite facet rough

This is some very nice blocky straw colored Mexican Bytownite. I have separated it into 4 faceting grades. I am glad to be able to offer this material to you at some of the lowest prices on the net.

Grade A1=$0.18ct. This is eye clean facet rough material in sizes larger than 5ct. Many of these stones are well over 20+cts 10,000+cts left.  

Grade A2=$0.15ct. This is the same eye clean quality as A-1 but in 2ct. - 4.99ct. sizes. 500+cts. left

Grade B1=$0.12ct. This material will be stones from 5cts and larger with minor inclusions or cracks you may need to work around, or they may have cracks that you will need to cob or saw out to get one possibly two eye clean stones . You can expect normal to below normal yield. 500+cts. left

Grade B2=$0.05ct. This material is of any facetable size with inclusions that will have to be worked around to get an eye clean stone . This will result in smaller stones and lower than normal yield. 500+cts left