Updated 7/15/2012


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Mexican Fire Opal Faceting Rough

Mexican fire opal faceting rough

   This mexican opal rough comes in white, yellow and orange and all pieces have fire. Some with excellent fire that will facet superb stones. These stones range from well shaped to  medicore shapes for yield and from strong to fair fire mostly contraluz. No matter how you look at it these stones should cut exelent stones with fire. The price of this material is a bargain for Mexican opal rough with fire. With the stones ranging between 1.75cts and 31+cts. I received it dry and has been kept dry and so stones are light in weight and most stones have very good clairity. All great for faceting those nice opal  stones you dream of.

A1= Stones 3+cts in size. The price of this material is $2.25 a carat. Possibly the lowest on the web. Or $2.10 per carat if you buy the entire parcel or what is left when you place your order. THIS SIZE SOLD OUT THROUGH THE NEWSLETTER.

A2=Stones 1+cts in size up to 2.99cts. or poorly shaped stones of any size. The price of this material is $1.25 per carat

A3=Stones that are less than 1ct or have inclusions that will affect yield or are very poorly shaped stones. The price of these stones are $0.35 per carat.

There is also another parcel of a similar weights from the same material with no fire that we are selling for

B1= $1.25 per carat. 3+cts in size. $1.00per carat if you buy the entire parcel.

B2= $1.00 per carat. 1ct to 2.99cts $0.95 per carat if you buy the entire parcel.

B3= $0.25 per carat less than 1ct or very poorly shaped stones or have some inclusions that will effect yield.