Updated 10/28/10


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Unheated Montana Sapphires

unheated montana sapphires 1

  Montana sapphire rough is some very nice material to cut. Though normally small in size they have a nice range of colors and do very well when heat treated. These stones to the best of my knowledge have not been heat treated. So the colors and clarity should be enhanced by heating these facet rough stones.

  The pictures of this rough do not do the material justice. they have much more color. These sapphires range in color from blue to pink to yellow and those in between. The sizes for this gem rough is running around 0.75cts down to around 0.25cts each, with few possibly smaller. Approximately 80% are well shaped, with about the same being eye clean sapphire rough, other than the usual very slight sleepiness from not being heated. The best part about this rough is it is cheap enough that everyone can afford to cut a few nice sapphires. 

  The price of this sapphire gem rough is just $0.50 a carat for a blind pour. $0.35 per carat if you buy all that is left when you make your purchase.

  Reasonable offers will be accepted for bulk orders of this rough. There is approximately 1/2 kilo available.