Updated 9/30/2012


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Opal Facet Rough

  Opal facet rough is really fun to cut, whether it is common opal or fire opal. True fire opal is one of my favorite cutting materials because you get the best of both worlds. The fire of the opal and the flash from refraction. If one isn’t flashing you the other is. With common opal you have some great colored stones like many of the Mexican opals, and Oregon opal. There is also a clear glassy colorless opal known as hyalite, also known as glass opal.

   Everyone should try faceting some opal rough at least once. It is a real easy stone to facet. It cuts fast and takes on a great polish with just about any polishing agent. With many of the modern doping methods you don’t even need to apply heat to dop the stone, which has been what has cracked many opals for those trying to cut them.

   We will always try to stock some nice opal facet rough for you in both fire opal and common opal rough types when possible.

Mexican opal rough

Mexican opal facet cab rough

Mexican fire opal facet rough-1

Mexican Fire Opal Faceting rough