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Opal gemstone

This is a very nice medium grade opal from Lambina, Australia. This multicolored semi-crystal stone has very good brightness and color saturation. The colors are green, yellow, red, orange, and blue. The color patterns are broad flash and ribbon fire. It measures, 9.68mmX15.79mmX3.60mm. The weight is 4.2cts.  op-1$252.88

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This Lambina semi-crystal opal is a fantastic high grade stone. It has great brightness, with excellent color saturation. The colors are red, blue, green, and yellow in a flash fire pattern. It measures 6.03mmX8.93mmX2.79mm. The weight is 1.10cts. op-2$226.88

High quality opals
Cut opal

This semi-crystal opal came from the same stone as the one above. But due to the different orientation it has more of a grassy pattern of red multicolor fire. It measures 8.03mmX10.38mmX3.29mm. It’s weight is 1.85cts. Sold


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“The Ear” This is a absolutely fantastic picture opal. The ear is plainly visible with greenish hair ,or as I see it, green sound waves flowing to it. The colors are a velvety pink, and green. This is not an extremely bright stone but the ear is distinct and obvious at a glance. If you ever wanted to own a very rare picture opal but could never find one or afford one this could be your chance. It measures 6.36mmX9.12mmX3.3mm. It’s weight is 1.55cts. op-4$125.36

Picture opals
$10,000 a troy ounce opal rough was used to make this very high grade andamooka crystal opal
A very high grade crystal opal from australia

This is water clear crystal opal with extremely bright fire in 2 layers, from the Andamooka opal fields in Australia. Andamooka is well known for it’s matrix opal and for it’s crystal opal. This is no doubt a prime example of that world renowned crystal opal. The stone is so clear that you will have no trouble reading very fine print through it when the bright fire doesn’t prevent it. It is truly a breath taking stone to behold. The top layer is like a mostly bright neon green cloud. The second layer is the hot reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows you can see through the green across the top. it measures 8.71mmX6.92mmX3.01mm. It’s weight is 1.35cts. op-5$398.95

* This stone is so clear you can see the black background. It is definitely more cheerful and lighter than it appears.

This stone has been appraised. The appraisal is for $675. It has a lot more red than the picture shows. It measures 16.16mmX9.48mmX3.40mm. It’s weight is 3.35cts. op-6$459.98

A very nice opal from lambina
crystal opal gemstone

This is a fairly nice crystal opal at a great price. It’s primary colors and pattern is reddish orange, Green, and yellow in a pinfire pattern. It does have a slight white spot at bottom of the stone but is not a distraction and should cover up with no problem when mounted. It measures 18.6mmX7.71mmX2.93mm. It’s weight is 2.8cts. op-7$56.90

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