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Pargasite Mineral Specimens

  Pargasite is a fairly rare mineral. These nice looking specimens are from Pakistan.

pargasite mineral specimen

  This is a nice pargasite mineral specimen . It measures45mm x 26mm x 15mm . It’s not every day you get a chance to get a double terminated pargasite at this price. This fine specimen is selling for $10.00

pargasite mineral specimen 2


  This is another fine specimen of pargasite, this one also has some pyrite crystals. It measures approximately 39mm x 27mm x 30mm and is selling for $11.99

pargasite mineral specimen 3

  This pargasite mineral specimen has a very large pargasite crystal. The largest we currently have to offer. This mineral specimen measures approximately 32mm x 43mm x 30mm and is selling for $24.98

pargasite mineral specimen 4

  Pargasite and phlogopite specimen . This specimen has phlogopite in the top center as seen in the photograph. There is also a larger phlogopite on the back side of this specimen. The size of this stone is approximately 34mm x 37mm x 16mm and is only $18.49

pargasite mineral specimen 5

This is another large pargasite crystal on this mineral specimen. It measures approximately 46mm x 38mm x 23mm and is selling for $22.99