Updated 7/15/2012


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Pastel Fluorite Facet Rough

pastel fluorite facet rough

   This is some nice fluorite facet rough I bought in a rough collection buy out. The colors range from clear to a very light pink, light purple, or light green. When I say light I mean very light. The majority of the fluorite is clear white as you can see in the pictured material. The majority of this material does have some crack type inclusions that follow the cleavage plane and can be clipped, cobbed, sawn, or cut out very easily and still have one or more good eye clean to slightly included stones. There may also be some stones with the typical veiling or occasional bubble common to fluorite rough. This material is a great value due to the fact I don’t have the time to cob it or sort it into clean stones. Most stones are weighing between 4.5ct to 60+cts. . I will conservatively say that there is potential for 60+% medium to high grade facet rough after cleaning.

This fluorite rough is selling for $0.05 per carat. If you want cobbed cleaned material it will be $0.15 per carat. There is over 2 kilos of this rough available