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Phlogopite Mineral Specimens

  Phlogopite is a mica like mineral found in Badakashan , Afghanistan. Small flaky transparent to translucent tan crystals. I have seen very few of these ever offered for sale on the web .

phlogopite mineral specimen 1

  This is a good specimen showing two distinct crystals. It measures approximately 29mm x 28mm x 19mm $19.99

phlogopite mineral specimen 2

  This is a well shaped and sized phlogopite crystal on matrix . The specimen measures approximately 24mm x 22mm x 19mm . It is selling for $15.89

phlogopite mineral specimen 4

  This is a real nice phlogopite mineral specimen. It displays a really nice crystal on top with good shape and form. It measures approximately 38mm x 31mm x 20mm and is selling for $18.89

phlogopite mineral specimen 5

  This is one of the larger phlogopite specimens we have available it has two fat crystals and measures approximately 52mm x 34mm x 28mm and is selling for $21.47

phlogopite mineral specimen 6

  This is another of the larger specimens of phlogopite we have to offer you. It has several crystals on top and measures approximately 54mm x 41mm x 25mm . it is selling for $24.80

phlogopite mineral specimen 7

  This single crystal has good clarity and shape making a great specimen. This mineral specimen is approximately 35mm x 42mm x 26mm , and is selling for $22.39

phlogopite mineral specimen 8

  This mineral specimen is one of the smaller ones but the crystal of phlogopite has very good clarity and displays well. The specimen measures approximately 28mm x 24mm x 22mm , and is selling for just $14.99