Updated 7/15/2012


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Pink Scapolite Rough

pink scapolite rough

   This is some pink scapolite facet rough from Afghanistan that I've had for several years now and just never got around to putting it on the site. This scapolite rough is a light pink that cuts a really nice stone. This rough is running around 90% medium to high grade facet rough. there is some slight yellowing on the exterior of some stones but will not effect the finished stone at all. Every stone in this parcel is capable of cutting an eye clean stones with minimal efforts. A few stones are thiner and best cut into several stones to maximize yield. This is the only material I have seen offered with this coloring from afghanistan and at the time was considered a new find. There is approximately 81.3cts available. I don’t expect to be able to replace this rough since it was the only time i was offered this color of Afghan scapolite. So once my inventory is gone it’s gone.

The price of this rough is just $2.25 a carat sold on a blind pour, or $2.15 per carat if you buy the entire parcel or what is left when you place your order.