Updated 1/24/2013


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Polucite Facet Rough

Polucite faceting rough for sale

  Haven't seen much of this gem rough around lately so I figured I would offer this material for sale on a blind pour. These stones are 90%+ middle to high grade facet rough. The sizes of this material is running between 14.00cts and 74.8cts with an average size of 34.75cts. These are not small stones. This polucite gem rough has been sawn to get the best clairity from the rough. Cut stones on the net are running around $150.00 per carat for custom cut stones so you really can't go wrong at this price. In fact the last material we had (several years ago) sold out rather quickly at the same price were selling this material for now. 

  We are offering these stones for just $3.00 per carat. If you buy all that remains when you place your order the price will be $2.75 per carat.

There is 324cts available.