Updated 7/17/10


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Prehnite Facet \ Cabbing Rough


This Prehnite rough is some fairly clear and rare facet \ cab rough. I was able to get a great bargain on a huge parcel of this rough from Africa so I will be able to offer you what I believe is the best prices on the net for quality prehnite rough. The pieces are in general fairly large and one stone weighed over 500 grams. With many smaller stones also available. Many of these stones have areas that you will be able to facet out some pretty clean stones for prehnite. They will still be a little sleepy, but very good for prehnite. The color of this rough is ranging from a light pastel green, to yellow green, to a light blue green in color.

Because of the great price I was given on a large parcel I am able to sell this prehnite rough to you at the lowest prices I know of on the web. So whether you want to facet, cab, carve, collect, or use for healing you can’t go wrong with these prices. Dealer inquires are welcome on this material.

A-1 = $0.25 a carat This is the material that I believe is transparent enough that you will be able to facet good quality finished stones.

C-1 = $0.10 a carat. This is the material that will work best as cabbing and or carving rough.