Updated 7/15/2012


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Clinohumite facet rough

   There has been some confusion about this material with some people saying it has tested as chondrodite, some saying clinohumite which is a very close relative of chondrodite. They have extremely similar properties and are both members of the humite family. Last word I have, is it’s now being considered clinohumite and so I’m selling it as such

   Either way it is a very rare stone in facet grade rough. I recently picked up a parcel at a very good price through a dealer in Peshawar. Because of this I will be offering this rough at a price lower than I have ever seen offered on the web. This rough is running between eye clean stones and included stones ( with some areas of good facetable often eye clean  rough in the included stones). Slightly included to included stones are normal for this material but this parcel had a good amount of nice facetable rough in it with some larger stones too. This rough runs from a deep red to a deep orange red. The smallest is near 1 carat and the largest is over 18.7cts. most stones are running between 3 and 5+cts. I have a limited amount of this material available and at the price being offered it may go quick. This has been the only parcel offered to me in the last 5 months so I don’t know when I will be able to replace it when sold. Many of these stones will make great specimens due to the nice well defined crystals in this material.

The price for this rare facet rough is just $10.00 per carat. About half the price seen elsewhere on the web.