Updated 7/17/10


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Spodumene Rough

spodumene facet rough crystals

  We have three large spodumene facet rough stones that would also make pretty good specimens. The largest is running about 1,200+ cts the smallest is around 295cts . These are very large stones that will cut many fantastic finished gemstones. One of these stones if cut correctly could produce a cut stone of possibly 200cts or more, or if kept as is would make a great specimens for your collection. 

  Spodumene is a notoriously tricky stone to cut , but offers the cutter great rewards when accomplished with care. Bright flashy stones and the great sense of accomplishment. Are you up to the challenge to reap the rewards?

spodumene facet rough 1 spodumene facet rough 2

 This spodumene measures 78.8mm x 55.8mm x 44.4mm and weighs over 1,235cts. This stone is more clear than the pink as it seems to appear in the photos. Though the c-axis does have that pink tone. The crystal would make a fine mineral specimen with good crystal shape and terminated. This stone does have some inclusions but has nice large areas to facet if that is your desire. The price of this stone is just $494.00

spodumene yellow facet rough

 This stone measures 60.5mm x 39.5mm x 16.0mm and weighs 310cts. This stone is included but not nearly as much as it appears in the photo. Much of the visible inclusion is on the exterior of the stone. It does have a fair amount on the interior but restricted to the ends of this crystal. Nearly 2/3 of this stone is good facetable material. This crystal could also make a fair larger specimen since it does have a fair termination. The price of this stone is just $139.50

spodumene yellow facet rough

  This stone is probably the cleanest of the two yellow stones, but has two crack type inclusions that if sawn along them should result in 3 clean stones. It measures 51.7mm x 33.7mm x 18.9mm and weighs approximately 294cts. A person could cut several fantastic stones from this rough. This stone is not very well terminated and so would be best used as faceting rough. The price of this stone is just 176.40