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Faceted Tourmaline Gemstones

 Faceted tourmalines have been a popular stone for many years and will continue to be due to the fact that they come in so many colors and are relatively inexpensive compared to stones they can mimic(sapphires, rubies, and emeralds). Tourmalines have 2 distinct color axis. Which means they can have 2 different colors when looked at from 2 different angles. One angle might be deep green the next could be a bright pink. In my honest opinion tourmalines can be one of the best gemstone values around.

approximately 2.35ct.

 Green Nigerian tourmaline shield. This is a stone I just put on the dop and cut as I went so it is a very unique cut and 1 of a kind. It is a nice and flashy stone with some multi color dispersion. The flashes are a mix of small triangular and spiked patterns and lively. This stone is custom cutting in the true sense of the words. It is eye clean and weighs approximately 2.35cts. It measures approximately 9.61mm X 8.67mm Gtour-1 $58.75 Sold

indicolite tourmaline faceted gems

Aprox. 1.9ct.

Indicolite Tourmaline-This stone is a nice bluish green and really nice color and prefect for your ring or pendant. This stone is eye-clean and begging for a quality setting. It measures approximately. 5.53mmX9.69mm. approximately. 1.9cts Intur-1$79.24

Nigerian indicolite tourmaline gemstone

Approx. .6ct

Indicolite tourmaline-This was cut from the same stone as above but does seems to be a bit brighter due to the orientation of the stone when cut, and is eye-clean. This stone would help make you a great ring. This stone measures approximately 4.11mmX5.99mm approximately 0.6cts   Intur-2$23.49 SOLD!  

green afghan tourmaline gemstone

Aprox. 1.05cts

Light Green Tourmaline - From Afghanistan. This is a real pleasing color, almost a pastel green. This stone is included. The inclusion can be seen partially near the top of the picture. It seems to show up in real bright light, but rarely in lesser light. The inclusion will not effect the mounting of this stone and will make a great pendant. Because of the inclusions I am selling at very discounted price. The weight is approx. 1.05cts. and measures approx. 7.63mmX6.53mm. Lgtour-1 $19.98

Yellow  green faceted tourmaline gemstone

Approx. 1.15cts.

Yellow with slight green tint tourmaline from Africa. This stone is 10x loupe clean and is a real interesting color. It seems like a dark stone, but the flashes you get from within are a bright golden yellow with a very slight hint of olive. This octagon shaped gem has fairly good scintillation and a perfect size for your ring stone. It’s weight is approximately  1.15cts., and measures approximately 6.78mm Ygtour-1 $16.10 Sold

light green cut tourmaline gemstone

Approx. 0.2cts

Light green tourmaline- This stone is actually much lighter and brighter than it appears in the photo. This stone would be great as an accent stone for your next project. It’s weight is approx. 0.2cts and measures approx. 3.73mm. A real pleasant stone. Lgtour-2 sold

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