Updated 3/2/2014


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Tsavorite Garnet Facet Rough

tsavorite facet rough

    This is some great tsavorite garnet rough from Tanzania. Most of this facet rough has that deep rich green that tsavorite is known for. This material should cut eye clean to slightly included finished stones for the most part with some cutting included. I was able to get an exceptional deal on this rough and so I have been able to pass along the savings to you. The price on this rough is the lowest you will most likely find anywhere on the web, and is being sold in 2 sized grades by a blind pour. 

   Below 1 ct. in size stones. These stones are selling for $7.50 a carat or $7.00 a carat if you buy the entire grade or what is left of it when you place your order. There is approximately 74cts available.