Updated 7/28/10


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Zircon Faceting Rough

zircon facet rough

  This is a fairly decent 1/4 kilo parcel of zircon just in from Jos Nigeria. It is being sold on a blind pour. Zircon has a very high refractive index and cuts really nice stones with great brilliance. The parcel as a whole is running about 25% - 35% eye clean the majority of the remaining stones are capable of cutting eye clean to slightly included gems with normal to slightly below normal yield. The colors range from light tan, brown, orange, and red. The sizes are running from around 3cts to over 20.5cts.

  This material is selling for just $0.50 a carat, or $0.47 per carat if you buy the entire parcel or what is left when you place your order. At these prices you can’t go wrong!